• Human Rights
    Human Rights
  • Good Governance
    Good Governance
  • Health
  • social Entrepreneurship
    social Entrepreneurship
  • Capacity Development
    Capacity Development
  • Women Empowerment
    Women Empowerment
    Empowering Women

Welcome To Kawish Welfare Association Abbottabad


Kawish welfare Association is a non-governmental, non-political and a non-profitable organization establish in October 2003 and registered in June 2015 for quality life and development opportunities. Our work contributes to a prosperous society at the local and national level. Our aim is to partner with a civil society organizations, government ministries and international organizations to deliver high quality service to marginalized and disadvantaged group of society in areas such as social entrepreneurship, capacity development, education and training, women empowerment, human rights, good governance, disaster management, and health.

Vision: A world where everyone has a place and right to live decently

Mission Statement: To act as a component of social movement within a civil society for a better world